Enlighten Your Signing Experience

Capture physical ID card & selfie. Verify signers through biometric. Legally binding electronic signature.

What's so special about GonnaSign?

AI-enabled chatbot to assist users with limited technical knowledge to draft the contract in less than 10 minutes and it will support different languages from time to time.
Extra security layer on document signing using facial verification technology to authenticate the identity of signers.
GonnaSign has the same time zone support for supporting the companies in Southeast Asia and there'll be no more delayed support.


Security and Encryption

Data are transmitted through 256-bit SSL encryption on all pages.
Each document is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption before storing. To enhance the security level, Gonnasign uses a unique key to encrypt each document in which the unique key will be encrypted with a rotated master key.
Signature will be encoded as Base64 while sending to server and to be encrypted using complex algorithm before saving into database.



The consequences of failure to adhere to information technology security policies can put a company's existence at risk.
We at GonnaSign do not want to risk your business on getting penalties or prosecution in criminal court, so we have built the processes to make our service compliant with the standards to ease your business.
GonnaSign is compliant with the Malaysia's Electronic Commerce Act 2006 which electronic signature is legally binding if extra evidences like TLS/SSL and audit trails are used.


Audit Trails

Audit trails record the identity and location of the signers from every action they perform on your documents.
Each record has the IP address, timestamp, email address and action that can identically identify the signer's identity.s

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Higher Completion Rate

Signing through online has higher completion rate compared to traditional signing process.
Documents or agreements can be sent with just one click and your signers can open it securely at anytime and anywhere, even on mobile.
Signing online not only helps in saving environment without using paper but also helps in correcting error faster than traditional method. Amend and resend again at no time.